Band Personnel
From Fayette, Missouri
Drums, Congo Drums, Percussion and Lead Vocals
From Florissant, Missouri
Drums, Percussion, and Vocals
From Shreveport, Louisiana
Lead and backing vocals,
acoustic and electric guitars; lap steel guitar; and percussion.
From New York, New York
/Backing vocals ,
4 string electric bass; 5 string electric bass; and percussion
From Marceline, Missouri
Backing vocals,
trumpet; flugelhorn; percussion; voclaves; and percussion
From Saint Louis, Missouri
Backing vocals,
trombone; keyboard; horn arrangements: and percussion.
From Saint Louis, Missouri
Lead and backing vocals,
  Hammond B3 organ; keyboards; and percussion.
Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, & Keyboards


Mike Fruin on Trumpet / Allen Nellis on Trumpet / Matt Myler on Trombone /
Al Green on Alto & Tenor Saxophones /
Denise Bowmaker on Tenor & Baritone Saxophones


Byron Baker, Guitarist

Byron came on board with the "Bummer The Drummer & The Kansas City Streetband" in 2013.
He had played off and on with the band since 1995.

 In 2013 Byron had been working in between gigs as a guitarist and an "electronic techie of all trades" and sales person at a local Columbia MO music store. He responded to a call made to him by Bummer, The contact was made, the proverbial shoe did fit and so did multi-guitar instrumentalist Byron Baker.

Byron claims Columbia, MO as his home birthplace. While attending the University of Missouri he played in the first band that recording artist "Sheryl Crow" was ever in.

At the age of six, he started singing and playing the guitar and some thirty years later, he now plays the electric and acoustic guitars, as well as lap steel. Along the way Byron has played with some of the best bands in the Mid-west. The Streetband is very fortunate to have him. With guitar savvy and a room full of guitars Byron Baker is a welcomed addition to
"Bummer The Drummer & The Kansas City Streetband".


Omar Bilal, Bass Guitarist

Omar Bilal started playing the guitar at age twelve in St. Louis, Missouri. One stolen guitar later he switched to the bass guitar.

 In 1964 he moved to New York City "the Big Apple" and started his first band "The Soul Trio Plus One". That band played jazz and R & B and performed at the legendary "Apollo Theater" in Harlem and at a garden party for "Count Basie".

Omar moved back to St. Louis, Missouri and started the band "The Paramonts" with band mates, jazz recording artists trombonist Joe Bowie, and guitarist Marvin Horne. A stint of freelancing has had Omar playing with legendary St. Louis recording artist and band leader saxophonist "Oliver Sain". Omar also played with St. Louis main stays "The Bosman Twins" and former "Ike Turner Revue" band member "Billy Gayles".

 Six years later Omar left St. Louis and headed south to Atlanta, Georgia, Tallahassee, Florida gigging with jazz trumpeter/recording artist "Freddie Hubbard.

In 1997 Omar moved to Columbia, Missouri and continued to freelance for the next few years. The year 2002 brought Omar Bilal into contact with "Bummer the Drummer & The Kansas City Streetband". A brief telephone conversation and a personal meeting later and we find the legendary Omar Bilal playing five string electric bass with the band. Omar's "in the pocket" bass grooves fit like a glove with the drumming of band leader Glen "Bummer" Ward and the rest is history.


Matt Myler, Trombonist

 Matt was born in St. Louis, Missouri. He did undergraduate work at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri. He honed his chops playing jazz and blues in night clubs and venues on the Mississippi Riverfront.

 Matt met Glen "Bummer" Ward in 1992 in Columbia, Missouri. Matt had the horn playing and horn arranging skills, Bummer had The Kansas City Streetband and a marriage was made in musical heaven. Matt set about arranging and rewriting many of the horn charts that the Streetband was playing. He gave the band that unique element that Bummer calls "that Matt Myler horn section sparkle", the horn sound that the Streetband is known for far and wide.

Matt briefly left the band to seek his own fortune. He got a gig playing on the cruise ships doing stints on "Princess Lines", "Carnival Cruise Lines" and "Caribbean Cruise Lines". This extraordinary gig had Matt playing with world famous oldies groups "The Coasters", and "The Diamonds" as well as entertainment luminaries, "The Osmond Family, "Ben Vereen, "Carol Lawrence, "Charo", comedienne "Yakov Smirnoff", and "pery Ribero" to name a few. This gig took Matt to Europe and to South America, playing with musicians from all over the world.

In 2002 he came back to the states to Columbia, MO and make a much longer story shorter, he returned to " The Kansas City Streetband".


Mike Fruin, Trumpet & Flugelhorn

As far as I am concerned there are two people of note that have come from Marceline, Missouri. One is a fellow you might know by the name of Walt Disney and the other is a trumpet/flugelhorn player by the name of Mike Fruin.

Marceline is located about sixty-five miles northwest of Columbia, MO, the current home-base of the Streetband, but Mike didn't come to Columbia directly from Marceline. From 1963 to 1967 he played with the "United States Navy Show Big Band" in Washington D.C.. That twenty-two piece big band traveled and performed to packed houses throughout the USA, South America, Europe and the Orient. The band also backed USO shows featuring such internationally know artist as the legendary Ray Charles, Anita Bryant, Joey Heatherton, Victor Borge, and The Kingston Trio. Mike played with the orchestra at the "1964 New York City World's Fair" and made television appearances on the "Mike Douglas Show", the "Merv Griffin Show", and the "Johnny Carson's Tonight Show".

From 1967 to 1971 Mike played with the University of Missouri Marching Band "Marching Mizzou". The list of other notable kudos includes gigs with "The St. Louis Symphony Orchestra", "The Henry Mancini Orchestra" at the infamous "Kansas City Starlight Theater", the legendary country artist "Tex Ritter", "Ernest Tubbs" and "Hank Williams Jr." We are "trumpetfully thankfullicious" to have Mike in the Streetband musical.


Kathryn Fults
Drums, Congas, Percussion, Glockenspiel & Vocals 

 Kathryn is a former drum and percussion student of Glen "Bummer" Ward. She started working toward her dream of being a drummer/percussionist in 1994.

At that time she took time off from being a health care provider at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri, and took a summer house painting job to buy a Tama Rock Star drum set. It just so happened that a mutual friend of Kathy and Bummer referred Kathryn to him as a drum and percussion instructor. The contact was made and the lessons started in 1994.

Bummer was so impressed by her dedication, drive and talent that he recruited her to be a percussionist with the Streetband. Kathryn is a R & B drummer extraordinaire, described by Bummer as "the best blues shuffle drummer in the world". Her talents are many as she also plays the conga drums, percussion, glockenspiel, the autoharp, and sings backing vocals. Bummer discovered her song writing ability quite by accident after reading some of her poetry. She wrote three songs ( "Stuck In a Rut", "Nervous Breakdown, and "Systemic Mary") on the Street band "Meanwhile Back At The Ranch" album.

Kathryn is most assuredly a multi talented and multi faceted musician. She also happens to be the mother of two beautiful daughter who both play the drums. The youngest played on the Streetband "Sounds From The Street" album. Kathryn Fults is a master musician and strong contributor to "Bummer The Drummer & The Kansas City Streetband" who also happens to be a woman.


Jim Cunningham
Lead and backing vocals, Hammond B3 organ; keyboards and percussion.

Jim Cunningham was born in Detroit Michigan and started playing the keyboard at the age of five.

 Seven years later at the age of twelve years old he had made his way to Missouri and was already playing in several of the top St. Louis, MO Bands. This continued through the 1960's and 1970's as he added both his keyboard and vocals talents to some of the best known bands in the area.

His travels took him to Clovis, New Mexico in 1968 playing music and recording on the "Cadet Records" label the Happy Return Band. From 1969 to 1974 Jim was back in St. Louis, MO where he played with several regional bands playing rock clubs and concerts throughout the Midwest.

Jim still plays that big beautiful Hammond B3 organ that he bought in 1970. As Jim himself puts it "there's just no other keyboard like it". He has opened for such national acts "Alice Cooper", "Ted Nugent and The Amboy Dukes", Brian Auger and Trinity", and "The Five Man Electric Band".

Jim took a hiatus in Columbia, MO from 1977 to 2008 to practice law. During that time he still played occasionally with some of the local bands. It was during this time that Jim first met up with and played some gigs with "The Kansas City Streetband". In 2011 Bummer the Drummer took advantage of a golden opportunity to persuaded him to join the new
"Bummer The Drummer & The Kansas City Streetband".

Al Green
Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, & Keyboards

Al Green studied music at the Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona. He has "monster chops" and a tone to die for on both the tenor and the alto saxophones.

Bummer describes Al's tone as somewhere between James Brown's legendary recording artist alto player Jeff Watkins who played alto sax with James Brown for the last twelve years of his life until he passed away on Christmas day in 2006.

Incidentally, Jeff Watkins played with the Streetband from 1984 to 1985 when he was attending the University of Missouri . Al Green has played off and on with "Bummer The Drummer & The Kansas City Streetband" for over ten years. Since 2011 he has been the featured soloist with the "Deluxe Ten Piece Kansas City Streetband" as part of the five piece horn section "Horns On The Run" HOTR. Al Green moves and grooves with lots of attitude to boot. "Bummer The Drummer & The Kansas City Streetband" is fortunate to have him on stage doing his thing.


Thanks to "Magnificent Millie the Wonder Horse" for her whinny on the new compact disc, Meanwhile Back At The Ranch and on the song "Uncle Roody's Corncob Pipe".  Kathy and Millie enjoying another magnificent day on "The Rock N Roll Ranch".......
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