Hello everybody, I'm Glen "Bummer the Drummer" Ward...and I teach free drum and percussion classes for the "City of Columbia, Mo. Parks and Recreation Department". 

I am teaching these free classes in "The Armory Sports and Community Recreation Center" in Columbia, Mo. at 701 East Ash Street. This recently remodeled building is located in the beautifully restored and historical downtown area of Columbia, Mo. known as "The District". If you are new to Columbia, just go to the street behind the "Boone County Courthouse" building. Students can learn to read music as well as play at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. You can learn how to read music and play the drum kit, hand-drums, all of the marching drums (tenor, snare, bass, tri-drums, quad-drums, glockenspiel, mallets and percussion instruments. 

These 30-minute classes are taught Mondays through Thursdays from 3:30 PM to 7:30 PM. All drums and percussion instruments and music are supplied. My youngest student is 4 years old and my oldest student is 73 years young. If you are between the ages of 10 and 17 years old you can even qualify and become a member of "The Columbia, Missouri Citywide Drumline and Rhythm Band".

 CMCDR marches in most of the local parades and performs for lots of other events like "The Lowes Home Improvement Store Safety Fair", "The District Twilight Festival",  and "The Boone County Fair Parade". 

CMCDR's performance season starts in March and ends on December 31st with our performance with music therapist Barry Birnstein as a part of the "children's procession" for the annual alcohol free "First Night".

For more information contact: Glen "Bummer the Drummer" Ward.
The City of Columbia, Mo. Parks and Recreation Department
Armory Sports and Community Recreation Center
701 East Ash Street in Columbia, Mo. 65201
573-874-6378 / 573-874-6379 / 660-248-3002

“The Columbia, MO. Citywide Drumline & Rhythmband”

24th Thursday (time as yet unknown)
Douglass High School gymnasium Columbia, MO.
“Annual Black History Month Talent Show”.

APRIL 2011
9th Saturday 4 to 5:30 pm “Stand Still” Performance from 5 to 5:30
Macon, MO District Mini Fellowship Holy Trinity Baptist Church
Lena Head Event

17th Sunday (time as yet unknown)
“The Annual Columbia, MO. Parks And Recreation Department Earth Day Celebration”
(T-Shirt Sale)

MAY 2011
14th Saturday 4 to 5 PM  “Children’s Miracle Network Fundraiser”
event at Wal-Mart 1201 Grindstone Parkway Columbia, MO.

15th  Sunday 4 PM “Heritage Weekend in Douglass Park”
 the annual opening of Douglass Park
on the corner of Providence Road and Worley Streets
 in Columbia, MO.
(T-Shirt & Bake Sale)

28th Saturday 11:00 AM “Glasgow, MO. Memorial Parade”
in downtown Glasgow, MO.
Line up is at 10:45 AM.

JUNE 2011
4th Saturday (time as yet unknown) Macon, MO.
Juneteenth Celebration Rubey Street Park
 102 North Rubey Street  Macon, MO. 63552
Lena Head: 660-346-0435 / 660-814-3256  / 660-385-2924

16th Thursday 6:00 to 7:30 PM
“Armory Community Recreation Center Drum, Percussion Program
Seventh Annual Summer Recital”
in the Basement Northeast Classroom
 (T-Shirt & Bake Sale)

18th Saturday (10:00 AM ) Fayette, MO.
“Juneteenth Celebration Parade”
in downtown Fayette, MO.
For the St Paul United Methodist Church
 (T-Shirt & Bake Sale)

18th Saturday (time as yet unknown) Columbia, MO.
“Juneteenth Celebration”
 in Douglass Park on the corner of Rogers Street and Providence Road

JULY 2011
3rd  Sunday (time unknown)
“The Jefferson City, Mo. Salute to America Parade”
in Jefferson City, Mo.
This year will be our fourth year performing in this parade.

23rd  Saturday (10:00 AM )
The Columbia, MO. “Boone County Fair Parade”
 in downtown Columbia, MO.

6th Saturday (10:00 - 10:20 AM )
“The Fayette MO. 2nd Annual Festival of the Arts”
“Stand Still Performance”
in front of the gazebo band stand on the Fayette, MO Courthouse lawn
 on the Southwest side of the downtown square.

15th Thursday (6:00 - 7:00 PM)
“The Seventh Annual Drum Program Fall Recital”
at the Armory Recreation Center in the basement Northeast Classroom.
(T-shirt & Bake Sale)

17th Saturday (1:00 PM)
“The New Franklin MO. Santa Fe Trail Days Parade”
in New Franklin, MO.

8th Saturday (9:00 AM)
“The Central Methodist University Homecoming Parade”
in Fayette, MO.

22nd  Saturday (3:00  to 4:30 PM)
“The University of Missouri Homecoming Parade”
in Columbia, MO.  

20th   Sunday (3:00 to 4:00 PM)
“The Annual Columbia, MO. Jaycees Holiday Parade”
in Downtown Columbia, Mo. /

3rd  Saturday (2:00 PM)
“The Annual Kwanza Celebration”
at Douglass Gym at Douglass High School
310 N. Providence Rd.
In Columbia, MO.
(Information Booth)

10th Saturday ( 1:00 PM) 
the “Prairie Home, Missouri Holiday Parade”
in Prairie Home, Missouri.

16th Friday (6:00 to 7:00 PM)
the “The Seventh Annual Drum Program Winter Recital”
at the Armory Sports Center in the second floor conference room.
(T-shirt & Bake Sale)

17th Saturday (time unknown)
the “Fayette, MO. Christmas Celebration and Parade”
through downtown Fayette, MO.

31st  Saturday (8:15 to 9:30 PM)
“The  First Night New Years Eve Celebration Children’s Procession”
to the Court House Square.
 The Drumline will perform in the Court House Square.

      All CMCDR performance dates and times may change, so call the phone numbers listed below to confirm the above information.

      The Mizzou Optimist Club has also made a very substantial financial donation to CMCDR making it possible for  CMCDR to purchase the following items.
Six dozen new dark blue logo t-shirts, / Twenty-five white logo baseball style caps,
One “Peavey 16 channel MO II” public address system mixer, and
One set of  four “Audix F-10” drum kit microphones.

     Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation (MHOF) at awarded CMCDR  a grant consisting of  the following items:
Four white 14“ “Yamaha” marching snare drums with / Four “Yamaha” snare drum carriers  / Four snare drum cases  / Four white“ Yamaha” marching bass drums (18”, 20”, 22” & 24”) / Four “Yamaha” bass drum carriers / Four bass drum cases
One set of white “Yamaha” quad-toms  / One quad-tom case / One set of white “Yamaha” quint-toms / One quint-tom case  / One hundred forty-four sets of new “Vic Firth” marching drumsticks  / Twenty-four sets of  “Vic Firth” bass drum mallets.

Our very heart felt thanks goes out to both of these very generous  sponsors. Their contributions have made it possible for CMCDR  to do what we do.

The Armory Community Recreation Center
701 East Ash Street Columbia, Mo. 65201
573-874-6378 / 573-874-7327  /  RS 660-248-3002 / Cell 573-881-7048 /
CMCDR Director: Glen “Bummer the Drummer” Ward

Citywide Drumline and Rhythmband
“Citywide with City Pride”, we do drums not drugs.

Photo Gallery of 2008 Season Shows

CMCDR Banner Carriers at the University of Missouri Homecoming Parade on
October 25, 2008

CMCDR Flag Corp at the University of Missouri Homecoming Parade on
October 25, 2008

CMCDR Steppers at the University of Missouri Homecoming Parade on
October 25, 2008

CMCDR Drumline at the University of Missouri Homecoming Parade on
October 25, 2008

CMCDR Drumline Handbook Cover Bubble Photo

As always, thank you for your help and participation in this drum and percussion program.
Your support and ideas are always welcome.

Glen “”Bummer the Drummer” Ward
Drum and Percussion Instructor



PMB 177  2101 West Broadway
Columbia, Missouri  65203
660-248-3002 / cell 573-881-7048 / Fax 573-445-3788
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