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"Lessons in Rhythm and Lessons in Life"
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Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Texas
"Bummer the Drummer" performing his solo presentation entitled
"Lessons in Rhythm and Lessons in Life"
Singing songs interspersed with stories, "Bummer the Drummer" will play the acoustic guitar, conga drums and various percussion instruments.  The performance is highly energetic and interactive.

"Lessons in Rhythm and Lessons in Life" is an exploration of how we are all linked together with the things that we hear in nature and in our daily lives.  It is okay to hear, to smell, to taste, to feel, and to sense all that is around us.  Native Americans gather together and play drums in order to link up with the spirits in nature.  Numerous other cultures including "African-American" cultures have used drums and rhythms to express their spirituality.  We all have the ability to link up with, and to identify the sounds and the rhythms that surround us every day.  The "city sounds" of the morning alarm clock, the whistling tea pot, the coffee maker timer, the microwave timer, the doorbell, the school bus horn, the windshield wiper, and the automobile engine.  The "out in the country sounds" of the crunching of snow under your feet, the swishing of the water behind the boat, the ocean tides, the airplane flying overhead, the corn picker, the combine, the tractor, the hay bailer, the horses, the cows, the pigs, the sheep, the goats, the bullfrogs, the squirrels, and the birds.  The "school sounds" of people walking and talking in the hallways, the class bell, the bathroom echo, the football game, the basketball game, the soccer game, the baseball game, the ipod, the cellular phone, and the all too familiar sound of the computer connecting to the internet.  As we begin to think of all of the sounds that influence and surround us every day, you begin to realize that there are hundreds of the, and that most of them are made up of rhythms.  I like to think of them as the "wave beat of life".  In fact it is usually these rhythms" that we hear, that enable us to identify with sounds around us.  Our day to day lives are filled with rhythms that make us feel safe, rhythms that wake us up, rhythms that put us to sleep, rhythms that make us laugh, and rhythms that make us cry.  Stars, planets, moons, suns and asteroids surround the earth.  Outer space is filled with millions of solar systems and galaxies.  Did you know that these heavenly bodies make sounds and rhythms?  Put all of these rhythms together and you have a sort of "wave beat of the universe".  I suspect that somewhere out there in outer space, there are other life forms.  On a clear night that space being is out there beating on a space drum, shaking a cosmic space shaker, blowing a space horn, and he or she is looking up at the night sky and wondering if there is anyone else out there.  Let us endeavor to explore that "wave beat of our daily lives".  It will be surprising, it will be interesting, it will be exciting, it will be informative, it will be entertaining and above all else, it will be a whole lot of fun.


Materials Needed
(1.) One banquet size table. (2.) One sturdy stool to sit on.  (3.) An 8 ft x 16 x performance area.
 (4.) A small public address system with phantom power for one AKG headset microphone.
Grade Level: K5 to K12 and Adult
Time Allowance: 45 minutes, expandable to 60 minutes.
The fee for this solo performance is $450 to $800
On August 29th, of 2014 Glen "Bummer The Drummer" Ward received the honor of being selected to be a Missouri Music Educator
by the
Boone County "Roots N Blues N BBQ Foundation's
"Blues In The Schools Program"
"Bummer The Drummer & The Kansas City Streetband"
will have the joy, honor and pleasure of playing funded performances and workshops of the "Musicmobile, A Brief History of Soul Music"

This will mean single school assemblies as well as week long residencies.
in the Columbia Missouri Public School System as well as other venues in Missouri.
Available for Schools, Libraries, Fairs and Festivals:

"Musicmobile, A Brief History of Soul Music"
A 45 to 60 minute workshop with live music

Study Guide Sample

The Journey of the Music
“From the Mississippi Delta to Disneyland”

The history of “soul music” as told by
“Glen “Bummer” Ward &The Kansas City Streetband , This music performance will tell the story and perform the songs that tell the history of the music that became world famous . Legendary recording artists who recorded and made records for the legendary record companies “Stax Records”, “Atlantic Records” and “Motown Records” . The artists and musicians played and sang the songs starting back in 1952. Somebody started calling it “Soul Music” and some sixty years later that music still lives today. There will be a narrative chronicling the history of “Soul Music” . This narrative story will be interspersed with performances of the songs that brought the music to the world. You will be invited to participate in, and take the “musical ride through time” on the “Musicmobile. It’s a lessen in “American Music History”, “African-American Culture“, “A-B A-B-C song structure.”, as well as an up close and personal look at “The Recording Industry”.

Performed by




15 to 20 Minute Introductory Narrative & Performance of 6 Songs

1. Soul Man (Sam & Dave) / 2. Knock on Wood (Eddie Floyd) Medley / 3. My Girl (The Temptations) / 4. Try a Little Tenderness (Otis Redding);
5. Blueberry Hill (Fats Domino) / 6. Kansas City (Wilbert Harrison); (Robert Johnson)

5 Minute Narrative
A brief history of “Soul Music” starting in the 1950s and progressing forward through its gospel music and songs played on the “Chitlin Chain” touring circuit.


1. Blueberry Hill (Fats Domino) / 2. Kansas City (Wilbert Harrison) / 3. When a Man Loves a Woman (Percy Sledge) / 4. Mustang Sally (Wilson Pickett) / 5. Sweet Home Chicago (Robert Johnson)


Student musicians from the host community’s area school, college, or university will be invited up onstage to play three songs with “Bummer the Drummer & The Kansas City Streetband”. Sheet music parts will be sent ahead to the music department of the host community so that the student musicians can rehearse in preparation for the finale performance.


1. Domino (Van Morrison) / 2. Midnight Hour (Wilson Pickett) / 3. Lucille (Little Richard Peniman) / 4. Drift Away (Dobie Gray) / 5. No Money Down (Charles “Chuck” Berry) / 6. Let the Goodtimes Roll (Ray Charles) / 7. Got A Woman (Ray Charles) / 8. Tell it Like it Is (Aaron Neville) / 9. Brown Eyed Girl (Van Morrison) / 10. Oldtime Rock N Roll (Bob Seger ) / 11. Gimme Some Lovin‘ ( Spencer-Davis Group / The Blues Brothers) 12. I’m Givin’ It Up for Your Love (Delbert McClinton / Z Z Hill); 13. Johnny B Goode (Charles “Chuck“ Berry).

The time allowance is 45 minutes, expandable to 1 hour for schools and libraries.
For concerts, fairs, festivals, and venues a 2 hour performance is available.

The fee structure for the six-piece band is $1500 to $3500

The fee structure for the "Deluxe Ten-Piece Streetband" is $2000to $4500.
(Transportation, lodging, routing and block booking
will affect the above mentioned fee structure.)

Missouri Arts Council funding is available at www.missouriartscouncil.org
Mid-America Arts Alliance funding is available at www.maaa.org
"Bummer the Drummer" and The Kansas City Streetband
Songs, narratives and stories performed by the six piece horn band
The "Musicmobile" presentation consists of a forty-five minute introductory musical performance of nine to twelve songs demonstrating the title theme.  It will trace the "African-American" musical lineage from the Mississippi delta in 1940 forward through it's church and spiritual influences, to the present.  In 1997 a young white nineteen-year-old blues guitar phenom by the name of Jonny Lang, played a sold out concert at Disneyland.  That concert served to issue in the present popularity of "blues" and rhythem n blues", and " soul" music as a legitimate main stream American art form.  Bummer the Drummer and The Kansas City Streetband will play the songs that showcase these musical styles.  The performance will be interspersed with background information about the songs and the artists that recorded them and made them famous.  A fifteen-minute question and answer segment will follow the performance.  The final segment of "Musicmobile" is a musical performance of three songs with guest musicians from the host community's public school system music program.  This final segment will be fifteen minutes long.  The entire presentation will be seventy-five minutes long, expandable to ninety minutes long.  "Lessons in Rhythm and Lessons in Life" plus "Musicmobile" can be presented as a two-hour concert performance.


Materials Needed
(1.) A 16' x 16' performance area.  (2.) One sturdy stool or high chair.  (3.) One banquet size table.
 (4.) One tripod display area next to the performance area.
Grade Level: K5 to K12 and Adult
Time Allowance: One hour and fifteen minutes, expandable to one hour and thirty minutes or a two hour concert. 
The fee for this six piece band performance is $1100.

The Kansas City Streetband Free Mini Concert

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